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Wistful Quotes in Urdu Hindi

Wistful is a term that means having or showing a feeling of regretful longing (Wistful Quotes In Urdu). Urdu and Hindi are known for their beautiful words that express emotions in a profound and meaningful way. This poste is not only beautiful but also deeply emotional and relatable. 

This poste is often used to express the sense of youthful energy that we all carry within us, no matter how old we get. It is a wistful reminder of the innocence and energy of youth. It is often used to express the desire to be with someone we love.

Wistful Quotes in Urdu Hindi Motivation

It is a wistful reminder that being with the person we love is what matters the most. Another quote that shows the depth of pain is ajab apna haal hota hai, yaro, jab darwaze par tere paas aa ker ruk jata hai (The strangest feeling is when your heart gets stuck at the doorstep). 

Life can be an emotional rollercoaster, and sometimes the ups and downs can leave us feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed. These poste may seem like simple words, but they carry a lot of weight and power. They remind us that life is a beautiful journey filled with ups and downs.

Heartbroken Lines

Her Bar Kismat Nh Kheltii Bazz Okaat Insan Khale Jaty Hian Insanoo K Sth ( Wistful Line)

Emotional Quotes About Life

Ager Ham Dil Pr Pather Na Rikhain To Log Poun Rakh Jaty Hian Aor Itni Bydrdi Say K Na Unhain Khuda Yad Rehta Hy Aor Na Apna Insan Hona

Heart Broken Quotes About Love

Muhabt Hy K Ager Mehboob Ko Thumary Wajood Say Taklef Pounch Rehi Hy To Us Ki Raht K Liy Thumain Us Say Door Bhi Hona Pry To Ho Jao ( Love Quotes )

Life Quotes

Moombati Ko Akhir Main Maloom Hota Hy K Usy Aik Asy Dhagy Nay Khtm Kr Dya Jisy Wo Seany Main Chupyee Howy Thi

Sad Love Quotes

Ap Kisi Insan Ka Dil Tb Tk Dukha Sikty Ho Jb Tk Wo Ap Say Pyar Krta Hy ( Quotes About Love )

Urdu Quotes About Life

Zid Say Hasil Krny Wala Shaksh Jb Her Cheez Pr Saber Kr Ly To Us Say Bhr Kr Koi Izeat Nh Hoti

Life Quotes

Her Bar Kismat Nh Kheltii Bazz Okaat Insan Khale Jaty Hian Insanoo K Sth (Wistful Quotes in Urdu)

Heart Touching Quotes

Asy Bhi Sary Dil Hain Jo Dukhyee Jany Pr Bhi Unhain Manty Chahy Drd Kitna Hi Zyada Q Na Ho

Quotes About Love

Ap Kisi Say Muhabt Kr To Skty Hain Lkn Kisi Ko Zaberdstii Khud Say Muhabt Kerwaa Nh Skty ( Sad Love Quotes )

Quotes About Khamoshi

Khamosh Lehjoo Ko Ye Maast Samjhain K Ander Say Khali Hain Un Main Batoo Ki Ghehrii Sumender Say Kehin Zyada Hoti Hy Bs Ye Zabt Ki Adii Ho Jaty Hain Urdu Quotes

Emotional Quotes

Jb Insan Bilkul Khamosh Ho Jay Aor Apny Haq K Liy Bhi Na Boly To Samjh Jyn Wo Apny Ander Bouth Kuch Dfn Kr Chuka Hy


Asy Log Jo Dunia Ko Tabdeel Keny Ki Baat Krty Hian Wo Khud Ko Tabdeel Krny Ki Taarf Bouth Km Aty Hain

Life Quotes

Zatii Tajrbat Aor Mushahidat Ka Nachoor Hy K Hamesha Ap K Mukbly Main Wohi Log Ayn Gay Jin Ki Pechan Ap Ki Waja Say Bni

Reality Quotes About Life

Pesa Wo Sabun Hy Jo Aj K Zamny Main Her Kism K Dagh Saaf Kr Leta Hy Jin K Pass Zyada Hy Un K Aeeb Zamny Waloo Ko Astyle Lgty Hain

Deep Urdu Quotes

Zindagi Min Mojood Zaherly Log Ko Itna Ignore Krain K Wo Apny Ap Ko Dss Lain ( Sad Quotes )

Urdu Quotes About Life

Kuch Log Jo Bazhir Ap K Khare Khwaa Hoty Hain Lkn Chupky Chupky Ander Hi Ander Ap Ki Jarain Bhii Kaat Rahy Hoty Hain

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