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Secrets of Success

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What is it that makes people successful and I mean really successful compared to you or me? Are they smarter or do they work harder?

Everyone in the world wants to succeed in his purpose of life.

                Do you want to get success also? If your answer is “yes” the, how is it possible to grab success? I am keenly desirous to share some secrets of success with you. The first major thing is that if you want to get success, you will have to improve yourself. There is not short cut of real and stable success. There can also be lucky lumps in your life but again you’ll have to improve yourself up to that level of success, otherwise you will remain worried because of that lucky jump. To clarify this point, I present some example. People say that Bilawal is lucky because he is the only son of a rich family, but I say that if he does not improve himself and takes himself up to that level of capability, he will not be respected, rather he will be rejected by the people and it will be painful for him.


Next point “that where you are going matters a lot. From where you came, what your parents did, what your background was is of secondary importance. Currently what you are doing will change your future. Because whatever we do today, becomes our future. Our passing time I like bricks; if bricks are good strong and reliable; building will also be out class. So focus on your goals and targets; learn from the past but do not be worried and entangled so much in the past because Osho, a famous thinker and philosopher said that if you remain the past you are old if you remain in the future, you are child but if you remain in the present then you are young. If we think about past, then we waste a lot of energy in destructive way.

Some people when tough conditions come in life think that they are stuck. Now there in no other option for them in life; but reality is contrary to that. How can we say? Allama Iqbal says that every time, man is given at least two options. Choice is in your hands if you choose option “A” and leave “B” then option “A” further has two or more than two option. As in the beginning habits are in our hands later on we are in the hands of habits. A famous philosopher said, “Difficult time comes on all some became great, some become small”. Hal Elrod is famous writer and many years ago, he got accident and came back after back after, after the worst shock of his life. He was operated upon and his whole body, especially his legs became very weak. Doctors said that he would not be able to walk throughout his life; but he was determined exercises and used the will power to get rid of this handicapped life and he got success because he is the winner of marathon race and best inspirational speaker at international level. In 2006 when my fatherly brother died during an accident, I myself was the student of MA English. I used to feel that my life had ended. The whole family was passing through tough crisis. At that time, I had two options; to quit or to remain determined and face the challenges of life boldly. God gave me courage and I worked day in day out and now by the blessings of God, I’m changing the lives of people and God has made me a source to succeed so many people. Life starts changing when we take right decision at right moment.


In the beginning whatever we start doing seems tough, sometimes almost impossible; but with our practice and persistence, that thing becomes a child’s play for us. So, we should remember that starting can be challenging but later on we get mastery in it. On the very first day when I started teaching it was an uphill task for me but now the same thing is plain sailing for me.

Another point to remember is that every difficulty takes an opportunity with it; we should be careful enough to grab that opportunity. My teacher Sir Qaiser Abbas, the best success coach in Pakistan now was rejected many times during job interviews but he remained confident in the God gifted skills and started his own company with the name of “Possibilities” and he is one of the best writer, trainer and coaches in Pakistan.

Another point worth-mentioning is that we all limitless, it is our fear that limits us. Shakespeare has said that our limits are in our minds. If we feel ourselves limited we read “impossible” but if we start flying kike eagles, the we read “I’m possible”. Some people start thinking that their age of learning and grooming has gone; they forget that they can learn till death. So, whatever we want to achieve and whatever is required for that achievement we can learn. We should remember throughout the life that we are learners not masters. An old German scholar was voyaging in a ship along with a young and write something Asian scholar. The old German scholar read the whole day. After three days, the Asian young man asked, “Sir, what do you read and write the whole day?” He replied “I am learning the chines language. Asian wan so astonished and said, “you are about to die because your age is 95 years”. He said “you people think of dying; we think of working, not dying”. Saying that he again started his work. It is said that the same old German scholar, not only learnt Chinese language. The last golden rule of success is that spend your life in such a way that your every act is going to become a universal law. Three Powerful Secrets About Success That No One Tells You

[author title=”Secrets of Success” image=”http://”]- by Ajmal Dass Jaipal (Teacher & Trainer)[/author]

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