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Inspiring Quotes About Life in Urdu Hindi

Life-changing quotes that will inspire and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Life can be tough sometimes, and we all need a little extra push to keep going ( Life Changing Quotes to Inspire and Motivate You Quotes About Life). That’s why I’ve compiled a list of quotes that have personally resonated with me and helped me through tough times.

This poste has always stuck with me because it’s a great reminder that it’s not always about what you do or say, but how you make others feel. Kindness and compassion can go a long way in making a difference in someone’s life .This poste is a great reminder that our actions and habits make up who we are as people.

Motivational Quotes About Life

If we want to be excellent in anything, we have to make it a habit and practice it consistently .It’s important to remember that we have the power to create our own destiny and live the life that we want. We just have to be brave enough to take that first step towards our dreams.

This poste is a great reminder that finding fulfillment in our work is crucial to living a happy and successful life.

New Inspiring Quotes

Ager Ap Ko Fasl Pasand Nh Jo Ap Kaat Rahy Hain To Iss Beej Ki Janch Kejiay Jo Ap Boo Rhy Hain

Life Quotes

Kisi Ko Adhy Rasty M+Pr Mat Choro Ho Skta Hy K Wo Iss Ka Rasta Na Ho Aor Wo Mehz Thumari Wja Say Iss Rha Pr Chl Rha Ho

Love Quotes

Dunia Main Bouth Km Log Asy Hoty Hain Jin Say Ap Muhabt Krty Hain Aor In Say Bhi Km Log Asy Hoty Hain Jo Ap Say Muhabt Krty Hain

Sad Quotes

Kuch Chezain Lazawal Hoti Hain Phr Chaihy Wo Muhabt Ho Kisi Ki Cha Ho Ya Kisi Ka Intazar

Deep Quotes

Tum Kisi Shaksh Ki Haqeqt Ko Kbhi Nh Jan Skty Thumain Kaya Khaber Ye Muskrny Waly Khuda K Samny Kitna Roty Hain ( Beautiful Quotes About Life )

Life Quotes

Zindagi Main Kie Ghaltya Ap Ko Sochna Aor Bolna Aor Samjhna Sikha Deti Hain

Inspiring Quotes

Kitna Ajeeb Hy Insan Jo Measer Nh Usky Peachy Bhagta Ja Rha Hy Aor Jo Measer Hy usy Peroo Tly Rondtaa Jaa Rha Hy ( Quotes About Life )

Motivational Quotes

Ager Insan Bry Ghunah Chor Day Uskii Choti Chotii Burii Adtain Allah Khud Churwaa Deta Hy

Life Changing Quotes

Zindagii Zindaa Rehny K Mawka To Her Aik Ko Deti Hy Mager Jeany Ka Moka Wo Kisi Kisi Ko Hi Deti Hy ( Inspiring Quotes )

Life Quotes

Kisi Aik Admi Ki Toot Phoot Say Dunia Ka Koi Nuksan Nh Hot Wo Isii Thra Jari O Sarii Rehtii Hy Kush Bassh Hansty Khelty Kehky Lgaty ( Life Quotes )

Urdu Quotes

Thumain Pta Hy Seheh Manoo Main Lkii Kon Hota Hy Wo Jis Ki Achyiee Aor Ikhlak Logo Ko Usy Yad Rikhny Pr Majboor Kr Dy

Sad Quotes

Wo Khasra Hamesha Yad Rehta Hy Jo Kisi K Sath Dil Say Mukhlis Ho Kr Khya Ho

Best Urdu quotes

Inspiring Quotes

Ager Ap Ko Fasl Pasand Nh Jo Ap Kaat Rahy Hain To Iss Beej Ki Janch Kejiay Jo Ap Boo Rhy Hain

Emotional Quotes

Kisi Ko Apni Zindagi Main Rokny K LIy Zaberdsto Na Kr Wo Wakii Ap Ko Chahty Hain Na To Wo Ther Jatn Gay Ap K Liy

Life Quotes In Urdu

Afsurdgi Shahoor Ki Wja Say Hoti Hy Jitna Ap Kuch Chezoo Ko Samjhna Shroo Kr Detty Hain Itna Hi Ap Afsurdaa Ho jaty Hain

Sad Life Quotes

Musalsl Ahmyat K Bawjood Ager Rishty By Kdry Aor Bdmazaj Rhain Tb Rehny Ki Behtreen Jaga Hadood Hy

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