Humdam Quotes

Humdam Best 10 Quotes with images

Humdam Best 10 Quotes with images

Humdam Best 10 Quotes with images

Welcome to my site. motivational knows these days: you get up in the morning and you’re not stirred to do anything. You drag yourself out of bed, feeling drained, yet it doesn’t make strides. Instead of being allowed to do truly nothing, you have to address such a critical number of issues, commitments and obligations that it’s hard to know where to begin. Nobody seizes the opportunity to give it a chance to be referred to, be that as it may, we, in general, are struggling to get inspired once in a while. Indeed, even the best achievers among us realize that it is so difficult to keep one’s (inspiration) at a predictable strange state. We have a collection of some great motivational quotes in urdu for you here

Hamdam ke leye hamdam sey gaye hamdam ki qasam hamdam na mila Marham kelye marham sey gaye marham ki qasam marham na mila

Agar Dil har bathy hu mery hamdam muhabat mein phir fana kesi ..saza kesi …jaza kesi

Ab aye hu jab dhal gaye hain sabhi mosam mery hamdam tery leye mera her ahsas jawan tha tu to kahan tha

Dehleaz per mery dil ki rakhy hain tu ney qadam tery naam pe mein ney zindagi likh di mery hamdam

Zindagi bhi keya kheal khelti hai ju kal thy hamary hamdam aj ham sey hi munh pher beathy hain

Dil nikal ker rakh du ishaq ki khater par koi hamdam nahi milta melty hain rahi buhat rahun mein pher koi sahil nahi milta

Kaha tha mery hamdam ney December mein melean gay Loat Ao ke meri tarah December bhi thura rah gaya hai

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