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Golden Words About Life Qeemti Batein

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. ( Golden Words About Life Qeemti Batein ) The other is as though everything is a miracle .The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.

Golden Words About Life

Her Jaga Bethna Aor Muu Marna Kbhi Kbhi Mehnga Bhi Pr Jata Hy

Life Quotes

Her Dil Main Aik Khirki Hoti Hy Js Say Ap Apny Dil Sy Dosry K Dil Main Dekh Skty Ho

Life  Motivational Quotes

Ap Ny Zindagi Say Kuch Nh Sekh Ager Ap Smjhty Hain K Hr Bar Ap Hi Theek Thy ( Quotes )

Sad Quotes

Her Jaga Bethna Aor Muu Marna Kbhi Kbhi Mehnga Bhi Pr Jata Hy

Urdu Quotes

Metha Bol Ilm Hy Chahy Anghota Chaap Boly Kerwa Bol Jahalt Hy Chahy PhD Doctor Boly

Life Quotes

Muqder Ki Baat Na Krna Sahib Yahan To Log Naseboo Sy Khelty Hain (Urdu Quotes)

Life Quotes

Her Rishty Main Ghaltya To Hoti Hain Mager Ghaltyo Pr Samjhyaa Jata Hy Rishta Tora Nh Jata

Love Quotes

Kuch Log Kuch Batain Aor Kuch Yadain Hamesha Hamry Wajood Ka Hisa Rehti Hain ( Love Quotes )

Deep Urdu Quotes

Apny Alfaz K Ghulam Banany Sy Behtr Hy K Apni Khamoshi K Hukmran Bn Jyn

Emotional Quotes

Baaz Okat Koi Hamri Khamoshi Ka Bhi Mustahq Nh Hota Aor Ham Usay Ehsast K Terjmy Suna Rhy Hoty Hain

Sad Quotes

Jb Ap Hr Cheez K Bary Main Bouth Zyada Sochty Hain To Ap Apni Zaar Ko Hi Takleef Dety Hain

Inspiring Quotes About Life

Logo Ki Iksryat Ko Maat Dekho K Log Kidher Ja Rhy Hain Sehihi Rasta Apnao Chahy Iss Rasty Pr Ap Akely Hi Q Na Hoo

Motivational Quotes

Bacho Ko Jb Ap Marty Hain To Iss Ka Matlb Hy K Ap Main Samjhany Ki Slahyat Nh Hi

Quotes About Life

Pani Jism Ko Pakezza Krta Hy Ansoo Ana Ko Ilm Aql Ko Pakeza Krta Hy Aor Muhabt Dil Ko Pakezza Bna Deta Hy (inspiring Quotes)

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