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Urdu Quotes Collection Golden Words ( Aqwal E Zareen In Urdu)

Urdu Quotes Collection Golden Words ( Aqwal E Zareen In Urdu)

This post is a powerful reminder that our actions and words can leave a lasting impression on others.( Urdu Quotes Collection Golden Words ) We should always strive to bring happiness and positivity into the lives of those around us and encourages us to have faith in ourselves, and reminds us that we have the ability to achieve great things if we believe in ourselves .This poste bout life remind us to cherish the good times, embrace the bad, and never forget to find joy in the little things .This poste emphasizes the importance of focusing on the things that truly matter in life, such as the impact we have on others, rather than chasing superficial success . This poste emphasizes the importance of self-care and the need to take care of our minds, the wealthy people are those who have dreams in their hearts.

Urdu Quotes

Wo Akser Bdl Jaty Hain Jhinah Had Say Zyada Wkt Aor Izat Do ( Urdu Quotes )

Sad Quotes

Wo Akser Bdl Jaty Hain Jhinah Had Say Zyada Wkt Aor Izat Do

Sad Relationship Quotes

Do Logo Main Rishta Kisi Tesry Bndy Ki Wja Say Khrab Hota Hy

Love Quotes

Muhabt Izat Mangti Hy Werna Lafzoo Ki Methii Golyaa Sb Dy Lety Hian ( True Quotes )

Quotes About Relationship

Mard Main Asa Kuch Bhi Izafii Nh Hota Jis Ki Bina Pr Aort Usky Peacy Jay Sewyi Us K Kirdar K

Life Quotes

Do Pal K Gusy Sy Pyar Bhraa Rishta Bikher Jata Hy Hosh Jb Ata Hy To Wkt Nikl Jata Hy

Love Quotes

Muhabt Koshish Ya Mehnt Say Nh Hoti Ye Ata Hy Bilk Ye Bry Hi Naseeb Ki Baat Hy Zameen K Safer Main Ager Koi Cheezz Asmani Hy To Wo Muhabt Hy ( Quotes About Love )

Sad Love Quotes

Kbhi Sath Na Chorny Ka Yakeen Dila Kr By Khaber O Bahis Ho Jana Hi Ajkl Ki Muhabt Hy

True Quotes About Life

Iss Mashry Main Apni Muhabt Pany Aor Behtreen Shaksyat Bannany K Liy Ameer Tareen Hona Ahm Treen Shrt Hy ( Life Quotes )

Urdu Quotes

Jb Koi Nahyat Achy Shaksh Say Bhi Drny Lgy Na To Samjh Jaoo K Kisi Ny Bouth Khobsurti Say Aitbar Ko Tora Hy

Emotional Quotes

Insan Apni Defaaa Main Bouth Kuch Kr Sktaa Hy Mager Usy Kisi Na Kisi Rishty Ki Khater Khamoshi Ikhtyar Krni Prti Hy Aor Ye Aik Bintha Takleef Daa Aml Hy

Love Quotes

Muhabtoo Ki Kematain Nh Howa Krtii Na Hi Ye Bazaroo Main Bikti Hian Bilk Ye Bouth Khamoshi Say Perwan Chirtii Hian Jahan Man Psnd Rhoo Mily Wohi Beth Jati Hain (Love Quotes )

Deep  Words

Usy Kehna Juft Aor Taaq Ka Ham Sy Nh Koi Wasta Hamain To Jb Bhi Lgi Zerb Ligi Takseem Howy Aor Bikher Gye

Emotional Words

Jb Log Ty Kr Lety Hian K Ab Taluq Nh Rikhna To Wo Pather K Ho Jaty Hian Aor Pather K Samny Jitna Bhi Ro Lo Gir Giraa Lo Mafyaa Maan Lo Wo Kahn Sunty Hain ( Sad Quotes )

Life Quotes

Mard Ka Behtrrn Ikhlaq Tewife Ko Bhi Bahya Bna Skta Hy Aor Bdikhlaq Mard Aik Bhya Aorat Ko Bhi Seraam Ruswaa Kr Deta Hy

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