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Alfaz Quotes New Collection

This post is a powerful reminder to live in the present moment and make the most of every day we have been blessed with( Alfaz Quotes New Collection). This post reminds us that sometimes we have to prioritize our own happiness, even if it means letting go of someone we love.

This post is a reminder that we have the power to create our own destiny and live the life we have always dreamed of. It encourages us to take risks, step out of our comfort zones, and chase after what truly sets our souls on fire.

Alfaz Quotes New Collection Hindi Urdu

This post reminds us to stay positive and to never give up on ourselves. This post encourages individuals to look beyond outward appearances and judge people based on their character and personalities. We can choose to take positive actions to create a more fulfilling life.

This post reminds us that success is not just about achieving our goals, but also about the impact we have on others. We want to be remembered for our positive contributions to the world.

Alfaz Quotes

Do Chezain Apny Ander Peda Kr Lain

Deep Words

Naseht Kejiay Mager Shirmnda Maat Kejiay Maksd Dastk Dena Hota Hy Derwaza Torna Nh

Inspiring Quotes

Ibadat Frishta To Bna Skti Hy Lkn Insan Nh

Heart Touching Quotes

Teen Khobyaa Insan Ko Ba Kamaml Bna Deti Hain 1 Thnada Dmkh 2 Methi Zuban 3 Narm Dil ( Best Urdu Quotes About Life )

Sad Quotes

Chezain Wktii Hoti Hian Toot Jati Hain Rawiay Dimee Hoty Hain Sadyioo Tk Apna Aser Chorr Jaty Hain

Inspiring Quotes About Life

Hamesha Apni Apni Choti Choti Ghaltyioo Say Bachny Ki Koshish Kro Qk Insan Paharoo Say Nh Pathroo Say Thoker Khata Hy

Emotional Quotes About Love

Ham Logo Sy Serf Tb Tk Lerty Hain Jb TK Hamain Un Say Pyar Ki Omeed Hoti Hy Omeed Khtm Ho Jati Hy To Ham Lerna Bnd Kr Dety Hian

Urdu Quotes

Do Chezain Apny Ander Peda Kr Lain Chup Rehna Aor Maaf Krna Qk Chup Rehny Say Bra Koi Jawab Nh Aor Maf Kr Deny Say Bra Koi Intakma Nh

Motivational Quotes

Koi Safer Bhi La Hasil Nh Hota Manzil Na Bhi Mly To Rasty Bouth Kuch Sekha Dety Hain

Beautiful Quotes About Life

Ghalt Say Ghlt Insan K lIy Bhi Islha Ka Wahid Rasta Muhabt Hy Tankeeed Aor Talkhi Chaiy Kitni Hi Haq Pr Q Na Ho Wo Islha K LIy Kaargr Sabit Nh Hoti

Motivational Quotes

Kamyabi Hamesha Nakamyoo K Bd Ati Hy Iss Dunia Main Fatha Serf Usi K LIy Hy Jo Shiksht Ko Maan Leny Ka Hosla Rikhta Hy

Life Quotes

Kisi Ko Ikhalk Main Shiksht Dena Jang Main Shiksht Denay Say Bri Jeet Hy ( Life Changing Quotes )

Heart Broken Quotes

Itny Kushk Na Bno K Toor Diay Jao Aor Itny Nrm Na Bno K Nachoor Diay Jao

Deep Words

Bura Wkt Sabhi Pr Ata Hy Koi Bikher Jata Hy Koi Nikher Jata Hy

True Friendship Quotes

Achy Wkt Say Zyada Acha Dost Azeez Rikho Qk Acha Dost Bury Wkt Ko Bhi Acha Bna Deta Hy

Motivational Quotes

Bary Maksd Ko Panyy K LIy Ankhain Khuli Aor Muu Bnd Rikhna Manzil Tk Ly Jata Hy

Life Quotes

Gusy K Wkt Thora Ruk Jayn Aor Ghalti K Wkt Thora Jhuk Jyn Zindagi Asan Ho Jay GI

Quotes About Life

Zindagi Ko Asan Bnany K Liy Aik Chota Sa Asool Apna Lain Rozana Kuch Acha Yad Rikhain Kuch Bura Bhool Jyn ( Life Inspiring Quotes )

Sad Love Quotes

Kisi Rishty Ko Kitni Hi Muhabt Say Bandha Jay Lkn Ager Izat Aor Lhyaz Chala Jay To Muhabt Bhi Chili Jati Hy

Motivational Quotes
Greatest Quotes About Life

Kisi Say Neki Krty Wkt Badly Ki Omeed Na Rikho Qk Achiei Ka Bdla Insan Nh Allah Deta Hy ( Golden Words )

Quotes On Ehsass

Rishty Khoon K Nh Ehsas K Hoty Hain Ager Ehsas Na Ho To Apny Bhi Ajnbi Ho Jaty Hain

Life Quotes

Ager Rizk Akl Aor Danshwari Say Milt To Janwer Aor Baywkoof Bhoky Hi Mr Jaty (Best Quotes)

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