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8 Truths Of Life

8 Truths Of Life

Everything is short-term, including physically. You will never be fulfilled with what you have until you die. Self-indulgence drives the economy; and the economy. When your time has come to changeover from this reality, you won’t be rational about that raise; you’ll be thinking about the relations you’ve made–so start acting therefore

Nobody is real in this world except Mother..

A poor person has no friends.

people do not like good thoughts .they like good looks.

People respect the money not the person..

The person you love the most,will hurt you the most ..

Truth is simple ,But The moment you try to explain it,it Becomes Difficult ..

When you are happy you enjoy music,but when you are sad,you understand the lyrics,,,

In Life two things define you..Your patience,When you have nothing and your attitude,when you have everything,,

8 Truths Of Life


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